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Dream Weave Hair Gallery

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7418 Commerce Street

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(Located inside: True Colors Salon)

Current as of February 2019


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Service Descriptions


Closure Sew-ins: Single Part (WITHOUT) Ability to Re-position Closure

Service Description:


This installation is done by using a 4x4 Lace closure (provided by the client). The braid-down pattern is done so the finished result will have one well defined, flat part. The closure can be placed anywhere along the front hairline.



This is an excellent option for a client looking for a very natural looking full head sew-in with no leave out.  Also, great for a client who does not usually wear installations for a long time, due to its lower pricing and shorter installation time.



This sew-in does not allow the client the ability to switching parting position. Also, because this technique is not prepared for closure re positioning, once the closure grows back the install must be redone.

Closure Sew-ins: Single Part (WITH) Ability to Re-position Closure

Service Description:


This installation is  completed in a similar fashion as the Single Part (WITHOUT) Ability to re-position Closure, however this techniques braid-down is done differently. This installation is done so that client can have the closure re-positioned when it grows back.  



This option is best for a client who enjoys lace closure sew-ins and who also likes to wear their installation for longer periods of time. This sew-in allows the client the ability to return to the salon to have the closure shifted forward.



This sew-in technique is a bit more detailed, the service time is longer and the pricing is a little different. Also, in order to reposition the closure,  the two front anchor braids are isolated during the braid-down process. The way the closure is attached to the outer braids can put more tension on the hairline which in turn can lead to breakage.

Closure Sew-ins: Multi-Part (WITHOUT) Ability to Re-position Closure

Service Description: 


This installation allows the client to move the part to multiple positions along the length of the

4x4 closure, but is not braided down so that the client can return to the salon for closure re positioning. 



Great installation technique for the client who wants the look of a frontal without the full maintenance required of a frontal. This technique allows the client the ability to move the part anywhere along the length of the closure. This is good for clients who do not wear sew-ins for a long time because this technique is a little less expensive than the multi-part sew-in with ability to re-position closure technique and can be done in a shorter amount of time.



Although this technique gives a great natural looking hairline, similar to a frontal maintenance for this technique may require more time.  This installation is also done without the ability to shift the closure forward after it has grown back.

Closure Sew-ins: Multi-Part (WITH) Ability to Re-position Closure

Service Description:


This install allows the client the ability to move their part anywhere along the hairline of the closure.  The braid pattern is done to allow the stylist to shift the closure forward after it grows back.



All of the qualities of the Multi-part installation with the added ability to reposition the closure once it grows back.  Thus allowing the client to get a longer time before the entire sew-in needs to be redone.



Because this sew-in technique requires a braid-down pattern that isolates the two anchor braids in order to re-position the closure, more stress is put on the outer braid which may lead to breakage if the clients hairline is weak.

Quick Tip

Please note: Customization is strongly suggested in order to acheive an optimal natural appearance.  

So please make sure to select services for: Plucking, Tinting and Bleaching your closure